Being Positive in this Demanding World

I was challenged this week to list three positive things each day for seven days in something called the “Positivity Challenge”. I should have known right away, with the word “challenge” in the title, that the world was going to cease upon this opportunity to throw monkey poo at me.

At first, it all seemed easy. Saturday was pretty good, Sunday was slow and restful, and Monday was full of accomplishments. No problem, I thought. I whipped out those three items without even thinking about it.

And then today reared its ugly little head, like a hyena waiting in the bushes for my complacency to set in good and firm.

Before I was even out of bed, I had a text message throwing my world for a spin. They didn’t know it was throwing me for a spin. To know that they would have had to pay attention to what was going on over the last eight months. But they haven’t. They’ve only been thinking about themselves.

When I informed them of what their decision meant to me, mainly that I wasn’t playing along, they got snotty and whiney and started playing the blame game with me. “If you don’t do this then everyone will lose out and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT.” and “I can’t help it that I haven’t had time to deal with this over the summer. I’ve been too busy.”

I nearly threw my cell phone out the window of the car. (I wasn’t driving …)

What do they think I’ve been doing all summer? Playing tiddly-winks? Lounging in a hammock?

Geesh, my summer has defined the word BUSY in a whole new way.

And the blame game … come on people. Really? Everyone? All my fault? Well, I’m sorry but you’ll have to stand in line with those complaints. I’ll get back to you … when I feel like it. And when is that? Probably never. The blame game falls on deaf ears with this chick. I’ve been abused in my life, I’ve been blown up in a car bombing, I’ve been kicked down when I didn’t even know there was anywhere “down” to go. You can’t saddle me with anything worse. So put on your big girl panties and shut up.

I’m sorry if that all sounds NEGATIVE since this is my week for POSITIVITY.

So where has all this left me?

right here … with more things that I am absolutely POSITIVE about.

I am positive

– no one will ever use me for a doormat again.

– I have the grit and will to live in a world that cares nothing about me.

– I will not compromise my beliefs to satisfy anyone else, no matter who they might be.

– my kids will always know that I love them and will do anything I have to for them.

– people are generally all the same the world over. They want to be loved and to give love and to be accepted just as they are.

– politics will never change and it is all driven by money, no matter what ideals anyone might hold otherwise.

– cats and dogs make life more bearable.

– sauerkraut and liver will never be in my top ten favorite food list.

– people die long before we want them to.

– most businesses don’t give a flip about their employees when the line is scratched in the dirt.

– terrorists are evil.

– the only absolute in this world is that God loves everyone equally.

Truth is – life sucks. It’s unfair, demanding, fickle, abusive, hateful, disrespectful, tiring, and just plain ol’ boring sometimes. It beats us up, tears us apart, throws us into the wall, and then leaves us to lick our own wounds alone.  And that’s not being negative. It’s being truthful.

Being positive isn’t always about smiley faces and appreciating what we have and cute kittens and puppies or flowers on a beautiful spring day. Being positive is about knowing who we are and what we believe in and being willing to stand up for that in the face of anything.

I should know.


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