Have Your Candy and Eat It Too

A debate rages on, renewed by forces across the pond, where the celebration of Halloween has infiltrated the hearts of children far and wide. (and all those candy producers, as well …)

As a kid growing up in the American south, Halloween was a yearly celebration. We dressed up in costumes, decorated our homes with cobwebs and skeletons, carved wicked faces on pumpkins, wandered the neighborhood knocking on doors for candy, and hoped someone would scare the bejeebies out of us somewhere along the way. It was fun.

And …

We got loads and loads of candy to eat at will.

Then, somewhere, someone in some church decided that dressing up like evil spirits wasn’t Godly and began this long running debate on what is appropriate for children to dress up in at Halloween and whether or not it was even appropriate for children to celebrate Halloween.

Most people jumping into the debate have no idea how Halloween even came to be nor do they even understand their own arguments about the matter. But I’m not here to educate the masses on the history of Halloween. (if you want to read about the history link, here’s a good one http://blog.costumesupercenter.com/why-do-we-dress-up-and-get-candy-at-halloween/)

Instead, this debate comes down to one thing for me (and oddly enough was one of the roots of the celebration to begin with back in the Druid days), FEAR.

Christians are some of the most scared people I’ve ever met. For all of their supposed faith in the Lord, they fear everything that is different, odd, new, or even remotely mentions anything evil. As if they will be swept away in a tidal wave of evilness by merely watching a television show or eating some kind of food or allowing their children to wear a Halloween costume depicting something bad.

But the whole point of the New Testament is to celebrate Christ’s victory over evil. He conquered it. All of it. For everyone. Period.

It’s not our fight. So why do Christians keep trying to fight it?

Let your kids dress up how they want and eat all the candy they can stuff in their mouths. God will take care of them. He promised.


2 thoughts on “Have Your Candy and Eat It Too

  1. I created many of our kids costumes when they were younger. We decided to just not allow gross and disgusting things. Later it honestly became too expensive to dress four kids. We also lived in the country for a while so the four neighbors were spread out over two miles……later, we rented a movie, bought a bag of Candy, turned the lights out and enjoyed ourselves. Maybe went too far.

    • I’ve made most of my kids costumes too. One year we did the mummy out of cheap paper towels which worked great until it started raining. Lol. My daughter is 17 now and likes to dress up really scary and sit on the front deck with the candy and scare kids. She even scared a few adults last year.

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