I Have a Problem

No, it’s not some addiction or other … well, then again, if writing can be an addiction then maybe it is.

My problem is that I can not stop thinking up new ideas for new stories. Everything I see leads me to create a world for it … sometimes several worlds even.

Like the other night, I was helping my daughter with her Chemistry and I happened to glance over at my dresser and think “What would I do if something was living in my top drawer?” and then I proceeded to imagine a small girl opening the dresser and 1) being sucked into it whole by something with a large flat mouth and dagger-like teeth, 2) reach in and bring out a gun and then shoot me while smiling, and 3) pull out a pair of socks and pretend to make sock puppets with them.

At that point my daughter tapped me on the shoulder and I resumed Chemistry, the ideas stuck floating in the haven of my room for another day.

The problem is, by the time “another day” arrives, I’ve had forty-seven more ideas at least that have joined those.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t complain. Some writers struggle to come up with an idea at all. But drawbacks abound in having too many ideas as well.

1) I don’t have enough time in the rest of my life to write all of these stories down.

2) By the time I settle on one thing to write and move forward with it, I’ve had so many other ideas that seem promising that I end up not finishing the first one.

3) Having so many ideas in my head all the time makes me feel frantic, which is not conducive to writing. It works for running but not writing.

I think I read or someone told me at some point that I should write all of my ideas down in a notebook and that way I wouldn’t have to remember them in my head. But my problem with that is I may not have my notebook when I get an idea or I may not be able to write anything down at the time. I have a terrible habit of composing poetry while I’m driving.

It’s kind of bad. Especially if it makes me start bawling. Driving and poetry writing at the same time should probably be banned.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated greatly!!


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