A Holiday Meme Worth Remembering

Friends are amazing to me. Well, I guess I should really clarify that. People, all people, are amazing to me. They are complex, fascinating, emotionally charged packages of everything that is logical and illogical in our world rolled into one. They are beautiful …

and ugly.

That’s just the way it is. Some days we see their good side, some days we see their bad, and other days we don’t really know which is which.

I try to stay out of social media wars on humanity and civilization. It’s not that I avoid discussing politics or national media events or that I don’t have an opinion on the matters at hand. I do. And it’s not that I refuse to stand up for what I believe in. I do that too. But …

Time matters. In all things, the one constant is time.

But wait, you say, time moves on. Today becomes tomorrow. This week becomes next week. This century fades away. How can time be a constant?

A week ago, a year ago, a decade ago, our lives were consumed by the news of the day – the weather, the wars, the heartbreak, the joys.

Ten years ago, the Taliban was claiming responsibility for the 9/11 bombings, a hurricane nearly wiped Haiti off the map, the war in Iraq was full blown, Barry Bonds was on a record breaking home run streak, a massive earthquake caused a devastating tsunami in Indonesia, and the Mars Rover ceased communications with mission control. In other words the things that made us “take sides” and flood the media ten years ago, were not the same things influencing our decisions today.

Today we’re screaming about Black Friday retail workers rights and riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

The thing is, whatever all those things are that assault us day in and day out from Facebook, Twitter, and the evening news, the things that really matter, that are the same today and yesterday and two hundred years ago, have nothing to do with all that.

Spending the day with our family enjoying a meal, watching a movie, walking in the leaves, cheering on a sports team, the burned pumpkin pie, the dog that stole the turkey leg, the flat tire on the way to grandma’s, the opossum in the apple box, the jig aunt Betty danced, uncle Coy’s snoring on the couch, waking at 4am to go hunting in the snow, the game of cards or monopoly that lasts all night, cousin John eating all the corn on the cob before it reaches the table, piles of dirty dishes no one wants to wash, the good china, red plastic solo cups with names written in sharpie, sharing the piano bench at the card table with two other cousins, cracking pecans …

those are the things that matter, that we remember, that time never changes, that influence our lives in a way that an event happening a thousand miles away broadcast through a television screen can never duplicate.

those are the things that real life is made of. Those are the things that should be our Memes.


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