Life is Not a Box of Chocolates

Ah. Spring has arrived according to my calendar. For some people that means planting a garden, seeing new flowers and life emerge, putting the gloom of winter behind.

But I’ve been gardening since January and watching life emerge year round for so long now, spring no longer holds that distinction for me.

I do begin to think about Easter, however. And with thoughts of Easter, the smell of all of those chocolate Easter bunnies and other candies that await our pleasure. Jelly beans are personally my favorite any more, especially the intense ones like Jelly Belly and Sweetart.

Today, as I read through my Facebook posts welcoming spring to the world with thoughts of chocolate on my mind, the well known quote from Forest Gump popped into my head.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

And while that is true to a point, these days it misses the mark. Comparing life to a box of chocolates implies that we have a choice about what we get. If you take a box of chocolates, you pick which one you want to eat and, unless you read the diagram in the box lid, you are surprised by what the filling might be.

However, life isn’t as cut and dry as that. The world rarely presents itself in a neat orderly package with each choice held in a paper cup awaiting our decision.

Oh, that it would be so …

Instead, life is more like a bowl of soup which we must dive into head first. Some days that soup is thin and watery, like miso with a lone mushroom floating on the surface. Other days it’s more like a thick gloppy stew filled with chunks of potato that cling like molten lava to the roof of our mouths. Most days, it’s somewhere in between.

We are inundated daily by opinions, viewpoints, research, facts, philosophies, ideas, projects, concerns, goals, memes, etc. all stirred together into a gelatinous ooze that we must pick our way through. We are invited to believe this, think that, participate here, give there … to dole ourselves out sliver by sliver until every aspect of our lives are neatly arranged and organized.

But humans don’t work that way.

Humans are messy and so is life.

So you might as well dive in to the soup, find what you love, and do it as passionately as you can.

No, Forest, Life is not like a box of chocolates. It’s like a big bowl of soup. Warm and enriching and filled with all the things that we need to get through the day.


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