I Should Really Do This More Often …

So being new to this whole “being a writer” gig, I haven’t quite mastered all the ins and outs of the social networking phase. I started my blog to have a place to show off my work, speak my mind, and because EVERYONE in the writing world told me I needed to have one. Smile.

And I love blogging.

But most often I use it to spout off on some idea or ideal I’ve formed in my head or observed about the world, while others writers I know are blogging about books and authors and agents. Tonight I’m going to change that tune a bit.

About a year ago I had the privilege of hearing Andrew E. Kaufman speak at a writers conference. His words have echoed in my head time and again since that night, encouraging me to keep going, keep plugging away, even when I was certain every word I wrote was utter crap and no one would ever care about it. Of course he doesn’t know that but that’s okay. One day I’ll be able to thank him by publishing my novel. (and now I have awesome followers on here!!!! thank you thank you thank you)

In the meantime, I was lucky enough to join a group on Facebook formed solely for the support of him during this period leading up to April 7 and the release of his latest novel TWISTED. Through a contest on the site, I won an advanced copy so even though April 7 is officially still an hour or so away, I have read and reviewed this novel twice.

Since I’m not a gusher … and this is the first time I’m promoting anyone else’s work on my blog … I’m not sure what to say other than my honest thoughts.

I love to write. I love to read as well. I have a weak spot for thrillers, horror stories, and psychological plots. I love to be entertained by them and dragged in to another world.

But for me, to be a great book, the story has to not only captivate my imagination, hold me glued to the pages for chapter after chapter, and make my heart race. A great book needs to leave me changed somehow. It needs to change my perspective on the world in some way that I could never have expected.

TWISTED does that and more. A psychological thriller, it sucks you in and holds you page after page, chapter after chapter, until it’s three in the morning and you’re too scared to turn out the lights. You can’t stop thinking about Dr. Kellan, the main character, anyway. So, you might as well keep reading until your done.

As the title suggests, the twists and turns in this novel will have you wondering if you’re not the one going insane and by the end you will be in awe of Mr. Kaufman’s writing and ability to weave a tale.

This is one book you need to buy!!


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