Prepping to Take the Plunge

I decided after many months of thinking, dreaming, and wondering to jump in to self-publishing.

True to form, I haven’t thought much about the down sides of it. I tend to just plow straight ahead and let the chips fall where they may. But I’m at least being a little cautious of what I’m putting out.

I’ve been writing a vampire novel. Surprise.

Actually no one is more surprised than me. I never had any intentions of writing a vampire novel. I never read Twilight or saw the movies. I’ve never picked up an Anne Rice novel.

They’ve sold millions, so I’m sure they’re both great but … I just never had any interest in vampires.

The novel came about from my love of New Orleans, actually, and the merriment of a raucous lunch time banter during a novel writing workshop. A friend and critique partner was sitting across the table from me throwing out ideas, being ridiculously silly about them, and generally just having a laugh.

And then the woman next to me pulled out a very long toothpick with a fringe of red plastic at the top from her sandwich and asked, rather loudly, “What in the world is the purpose of these? They’re like daggers.”

My friend, who also loves New Orleans, and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, “You could kill a vampire with one of those.”

The entire table stopped their conversation and stared at us, listening.

Apparently, vampires are a hot topic … everywhere … no matter how much the genre is exploited and morphed and messed with. People love vampire stories.

Our conversation continued for many weeks after that until we both decided to write up a story with our ideas as a joke. My friend took the amusing route with hers. I went for serious.

And somehow it has morphed into a full blown novel that already has fans.

I’m both puzzled and pleased. And feeling the pressure to get it finished.

But, because this has always been something of a one-off for me, I decided to not even try traditional publishing routes with it and instead just go for self-publication on Amazon. It really isn’t my first genre of choice and has nothing to do with all the other novels I have, so it seemed a perfect fit.

It’s my intention to release it in October, before Halloween.

So as a lead up to it, and a way to get a feel for the Amazon route of self-pubbing, I’m going to put out a couple of collections of horror short stories first.

The first is a collection of contemporary scare-the-pants-off-you stories that have gathered in my portfolio over the past year or so. They range from new takes on native American monsters to a tale of an evil Santa Claus.

The second will be a collection of gothic horror stories that revolve around a single manor house on the west coast of Cornwall in England. I love these stories and had fun writing them but I realize gothic stories aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The language is a stretch for modern readers.

Both will lead up to the release of my vampire tale set in New Orleans with a new clan of vampires the world doesn’t know exist.

And I will definitely be posting the links on here and making a general big deal out of it. It would be great if others joined me. Writers have to support each other in this day and age. Who else understands our quirky ways?




2 thoughts on “Prepping to Take the Plunge

  1. I never read Ann Rice, but I did read the Twilight Series, which gets a lot of flack from the die-hard vampire fans, because they aren’t “real” vampires. I loved them, but then again I don’t like real vampires because they are too scary for me. Having said that, I don’t think your vampire story is a far stretch from anything else you write, if your genre is horror, which the lead up stories sound to be. Go ahead and self-publish, but don’t limit yourself. You have a fantastic concept and you should use every avenue to get it out there so others can enjoy it too.

    • Thanks Shelley!! It’s challenging to know which path to take. Although my plans remain to self-publish it, I may pitch it at OWFI and see what happens. I entered a query letter for it last year with a publisher and her editor was ready to sign it there and then. But I wasn’t finished with it and the publisher didn’t seem as excited about it. I’m ready to let the world enjoy it as much as I do.

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