Business Card Mania

business card 2015 back

So this is the back of my new business card.

The quotes read:

“read it before it reads you”

“life is short, be scared”

“being well read is the new red”

“exercise is good for the heart, scream and run”

“sleep when you die, until then read”

Ones by Edgar Allen Poe struck me as too stuffy. Stephen King’s were too long. So I just made them up. The fourth one, about exercise, is a nod to my highschool classmate that is a running coach. My husband thinks it’s hysterical.

For two years people have been telling me that I need business cards as an author to pass my name around. As I’m gearing up for OWFI conference in a couple of weeks, I decided it was time. The front looks much the same, same lettering styles, same colors but sharing my phone number with the world is not really going to happen right now.

I hope they make a statement …


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