Not Writing the Hard Stuff

I’m procrastinating today. Pure flat out avoiding the issue of putting words on the page.

Teenagers find dead body and don’t tell anyone is battshitcrazy stuff to write. My heart is pounding. I’m on the verge of bawling with every word. My jaw is clenched so tight my teeth hurt. I’m sick to my stomach.

So I’m here talking about it instead of doing it.

I’ve managed 300 words so far. Then I had to stop and do this. I wonder how many blog posts I’ll write today if this is going to be my strategy for completing the chapter???


We all love to read those deep intense gritty scenes that leave us holding our breath, but how often do we stop to think about what it takes to write one that feels right. I never thought about it until I started doing it.

I’d heard of people who had a hard time while writing their novels because they got inside their character’s head. I’ve met writers who’ve done it.

And now here I am, doing it too.

And I have not one ounce of advice to make it easier. Plowing through it seems to be the only way, just like all the hard stuff in life we have to do. Plow through, head down, eyes covered, heart shielded, sword in hand until you come out the other side.

And breathe. Lots. (just don’t put that in your writing … lots of breaths that is … your editor will remove them anyway)


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