My Writing Mantra

I inadvertently encouraged myself. One of those happy accidents I seem to stumble upon when I least expect it in life.

Over two years ago now I started on this journey of writing full time, of making “this” what I do every day. About six months in I had a major computer crash. I was sharing with my daughter and husband at the time, unable to afford my own laptop, and who knows what they were doing on it but a virus was downloaded.

It was frightening to almost lose everything I had written so I asked for a computer for Christmas and got one. I have rigorously maintained the “hands off” status of it since then.

It’s mine. Period.

Like a soldier protects his gun or a painter his brush, I decided the laptop was my tool and I would protect it as such. (not that I said any of this aloud)

I entered a password. A long one.

At times I have cursed this long password, grumbling that I must enter it perfectly every time. Missing a letter has consequences. And any time I leave for just a little too long, I have to re-enter it. Sometimes that ends up being multiple times a day.

I thought I was being clever with my password. Just doing something cute, you know, that related to writing. Using something I’d never used before that no one would know. It had no other intention.

But a year and a half on, it’s become my mantra … the thing I say every morning and multiple times a day, silently cheering me on, pushing me forward, reminding why I’m doing what I’m doing.

A happy surprise in the middle of my journey.


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