It’s All Wrong and Bad and Must Go

I admit I have lived under a rock for part of my adult life. Having kids does that to a person. Priorities change. Twenty-four hours turns into a microscopic amount of time in which to accomplish anything.

Having an autistic child on top of that, makes it even more difficult.

So in recent years I’ve been hearing about the young and bold group of people called “hipsters”. Honestly, at first, they just seemed like a bunch of punk college kids who had yet to experience the real world.

That might have been a simplistic view, but I really didn’t pay them much attention. Until they started annoying the snot out of me with their dismissive attitude.

THAT is the thing that did it for me.

For example, this morning I was watching PBS. Saturday morning shows on PBS have been a staple in my life for over forty years now. “This Old House”, “The Victory Garden”, etc are my go-to’s for sanity in this insane world.

So on the Victory Garden this morning they were featuring roof top gardens and gardeners from NYC. Okay. Cool. Although not a new thing, I love seeing community roof top gardens in large cities.

One of the people they featured, however, was a young woman who has set up greenhouses on her roof and is making sea salt by evaporating sea water. The idea is fine. It’s been used for thousands upon thousands of years. It isn’t new technology in any form. I use sea salt and have for years. And it was kind of cool to see her technique.

But the problem was she kept harping on about how salt people buy in the store is bad, that people are ignorant for buying salt from the market instead of getting it from a “wholesome” source like the sea. How she “came up” with the idea for making sure people had fresh salt from a local source to use on their farmer’s market veggies because everything else was bad and horrible and no good.

First off, she didn’t come up with anything. Harvesting salt from sea water has been done for thousands of years. It isn’t new.

Second, saying that everyone buys whatever salt comes from the local market is a gross exaggeration of facts.

Third, acting as if this is the only way to have a wholesome food experience or that she is somehow contributing to the betterment of mankind is naive.

I could go on, chipping away at her philosophy. But that’s not the point.

The point is that she embodied what annoys me about this group of young people who refer to themselves as “hipsters”. She embodied the negative, blaming, hatred of everything that has come before that is so prevalent among this group of youngsters. It’s as if anything they don’t invent themselves is somehow BAD and not worthy of their time or attention … and they need to tell everyone how BAD it all is.

I honestly don’t understand where this attitude developed or how.

Did they stop teaching history in school or something? Does this generation not understand why things are as they are? Do they really believe they are reinventing the wheel as we speak? And why all the negative, doom and gloom, hatred of everything that existed in this world before them?

It’s one thing to innovate, to make things better, to advocate for a better world, to promote health and well-being for everyone.

But if you have no idea why things are the way they are, how do you know that what you’re “creating” or advocating for is BETTER?

Iodine was added to salt for a reason and marketed that way for a reason. Same goes with “gmo” foods. And flouride in drinking water. And how most commercial industries operate.

The things that exist in our world didn’t just appear overnight without cause or purpose. And just because you can’t see that cause or purpose or haven’t bothered to find out what that cause or purpose is, doesn’t mean it isn’t productive or useful to society as a whole.

I have said multiple times in this blog, on Facebook, and to everyone I know … Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. That is the only way to make a better world for everyone.

Had this girl been simply promoting her production of sea salt and touting it’s benefits, the whole segment would have been great …

Tell us what’s good. Tell us what you love. Show us what the benefits are. Give us good information without hating everything that’s come before. That’s all I ask.


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