A Series of Short Stories

Well, I did it. I am officially a published author who has now actually sold my work and gotten reviews on Amazon for it.

For so long I thought it was such an ultimate and somehow unachievable goal and then I did it. Now I’m wondering what it was I kept thinking was so hard to achieve.

Here’s the link to the first short story in the series. Only 99cents available worldwide.




One day it even made it into the top 50 bestsellers for the day in Kindle short reads. And I have my first two reviews for it … both 5 star.

I’m certainly not going to become rich and famous from it. It’s only one little short story. But I have more stories to add to it. The next installment will come out on July 10 but is available for preorder through Amazon now. It will have three short stories together that continue the tale.


The plan is that once I’ve finished writing all of them, to put them together into one book and make it available on Kindle Unlimited. But for now they’ll come in installments at a mere 99cents. Great for a lunch time break or quick read before bed.


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