10 Things

1. Tragedy is a given in our world … but so is love.

2. If I’m reading a book, finishing a chapter is a must before I can put it down … but when I’m writing a book, I always stop mid-sentence so it’s easier to keep writing when I next work on it.

3. I dated a Prince at one time … but because marriage was not in my plans, I didn’t take it seriously and when he proposed I thought he was joking.

4. Silly putty and super balls bounce when slammed into something … I cave in and lay in a heap until I can curl up in a little ball and hide from the world.

5. I always eat my M&M’s two at a time, same color, but my office looks like a tornado swept through three years ago because creative minds work that way.

6. My cat loves me … sometimes even when I’m not feeding him or allowing him to sleep on my pillow.

7. I currently have eleven books on my bedside table and eight on my desk … because reading is kind of my thing.

8. Hearing that my western/suspense novel is resonating as a dark edgy noir piece with my critique group made my week/month … especially on Friday 13.

9. Artists are never private people despite what they may tell you … their heart goes into every word, note, line, and brush stroke. Look.

10. Sometimes just believing you have a soul mate somewhere in the world is enough … if dreams aren’t real, I don’t want to know.



3 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. Oh man! I don’t know how you can stop mid-sentence when writing! That would drive me insane! I have, absolutely /have/ to finish a chapter when writing! Ending anywhere that ISN’T an end point annoys the goodness out of me! Just the thought makes me all twitchy. :p That’s a great idea, though. ^.^ Not sure I’d keep my sanity if I tried. Heh.

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