NaNoWriMo … will I fail yet again?

For the third year in a row I have attempted to win at this novel writing thing called NaNoWriMo where you write 50,000 words in one month. It’s kind of crazy, kind of fun, and mind-numbingly hard for me, it seems. Every year something new happens that prevents me from finishing what I’ve started.

It’s not that I can’t write an entire novel in a month. I’ve done it in less time actually, completing 62,000 in three weeks once.

But November just doesn’t seem to be my month.

The first year I was moving along really well until 2 1/2 weeks in when my computer crashed hard. It took over a week to get it back up and running but by then it was Thanksgiving and I didn’t have time to do anything more.

The second year 1 1/2 weeks in I came down with pneumonia. I don’t know if you’ve ever had pneumonia or not but it’s not a disease where you lay in bed and have time to write all day. I was coughing so hard I couldn’t even breathe, let alone think about how to put two words together in a coherent manner.

This year has been a combination of all the years past and then some. No pneumonia. This year I fell off the top of a stack of hay bales and injured my arm and shoulder … which was after my computer completely crashed and I spent three days recovering everything … which was after a very emotionally tumultuous October … which was after switching up what I was writing three days before it all started.

So here I am with six days to go and almost 20,000 words left to crank out and Thanksgiving is in two days and family will be in and we’ll be traveling and … and … and … and …

I guess this is where I just have to “write faster”. Encouragement welcome. 🙂



One thought on “NaNoWriMo … will I fail yet again?

  1. Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear that you were injured and I hope that you are doing better, mentally and physically. Additionally, I completely understand how difficult it is to find time for NaNo when it resides in November. I mean, honestly. Who picked November? Who thought that November was a good time to write part of a novel? I sure didn’t. I would’ve picked like… February or… September when there is literally nothing else going on. Those sound awesome, but November is a horrible month!

    Deer hunting season is in November. Can’t type in a hunting blind unless you want all the tick, tick, ticking to scare the deer away. Then, for all the students out there, there are final exams or midterms right before the most important time-consumer of all: Thanksgiving. I just can’t imagine who decided that November was a month free enough to spend tons of time writing. *sigh*

    Though, like most writing, it isn’t finding the time, it’s making it. Even if we don’t make it to 50K in November, that’s not what it’s really about. It’s about inspiring people and getting them started on that new novel, about showing them the journey and not the end goal. It’s about getting the thoughts on the page rather than muddling over ideas until we give up and don’t write a single word. NaNo isn’t about the win. It’s about the journey. As long as you write something, get started, try your best, that’s all that NaNo is about and it’s about telling yourself not to quit even when you might not reach that goal, because NaNo may end, but there’s always December for you to keep on writing through. That’s the important part.

    So yes! I’m rooting for you, Erin. I’m encouraging you! You can do this!

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