The Phoenix and Thanksgiving

So I posted my regrets earlier this week with the tag that those who are the most thankful are often the ones with the deepest regrets. I truly believe that because those are the people, who like a Phoenix have risen from the ashes.

So here are the things I’m thankful for –

Being ignored, taunted, teased, bullied, left-out, beat-up, raped, and blown up  because the people who did those things taught me how to forgive and love anyway.

Being poor for most of married life because I learned that money isn’t everything … it isn’t even a drop in the bucket on the scale of things that matter in this world.

Chocolate … because who isn’t.

Scars because they’re like a picture album I carry with me of all the times I survived.

My grandmother who lost her husband in 1945 when she had four children under the age of 11, a 5th grade education, and no prospects for life but kept going anyway.

My other grandmother who weighed 2 lbs at birth, was the only child of 9 to complete high school and go to college, survived uterine cancer before the days of chemo, and lived to be 85.

Hard work because success is so much sweeter when we have to fight for it.

Friends that get me.

Finding a soul mate … and losing them … because now I know I have one out there.

Headphones so I don’t have to listen to everything.

Chocolate because really, it is that good.

Really fast cars that I can drive.

Having lived almost 50 years because now I know what’s left to come is gonna be okay no matter what.

Homeless people because they make me keep feeling even when I don’t want to.

Music because life just isn’t life without music.

My family whether blood related or acquired along the way … because nothing is more important in my life than those I love.


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