Day One – 25 days of Compassion

Compassion sometimes seems to be in short supply in the world we live in. But after recent world events and tragedies along with some personal hardships I’ve been through, I really wanted to share examples of compassion that I see and experience in life this month. Sometimes it’s hard to think about compassion in small bites or little acts that we do through the day, but that’s what these are. Little snippets of compassion that made me feel joyous.

Day One – We all like to be encouraged and I seem to have found that in spades this week. One message I received was from a fellow writer after I posted a review for his upcoming novel. It really touched me because I don’t feel like I’m a very good reviewer when it comes to novels. I say what I think and have spent many hours being told that I don’t know what I’m talking about in literary terms so to receive the following note really made my day.

“Wow. You almost made me cry. That is a beautiful review, and it’s everything I hoped readers would get out of the novel. Thank you so  much. You are amazing. … it’s a fantastic review. You should be a writer or something. 🙂 ” – R. T.



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