Day Two – 25 days of compassion

I’m a gift giver. I love to spend time picking out exactly the right gift for people and during this holiday season, I see lots of people looking over things to buy. But today I was in a store buying a couple of things myself and overheard a conversation between a sales clerk and a man that made me smile.

He was trying to buy a gift for his wife at the bookstore (cause what other store would I be buying stuff in, lol) but he didn’t know what to get her. So he engaged the help of a very friendly older sales clerk and the two of them spent half an hour walking around the store discussing books in-depth. All kinds of books. The clerk was exceptionally knowledgeable, which I loved, but the man was equally as knowledgeable about his wife’s likes and dislikes, even sharing how different genre made her feel.

To me that was a joyous thing to see the act of love between a man and wife being expressed in the act of picking out a gift so thoughtfully and carefully.


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