Day Four – 25 days of compassion

Compassion seems to come at random times in fleeting moments for me, rather than big dramatic explosive episodes. But one thing in my life that has defined a level of compassion for me has lasted for 22 plus years – my husband.

He’s like a giant sequoia, standing firm, never wavering in his commitment and love. I don’t always appreciate those qualities in him in the face of other everyday things. I’m artistic and emotional. While I’m picking up fallen sticks and crafting something new or being blown about by the wind learning a dance or weaving a pile of leaves into a story, he stays strong and holds everything together. He’s there every morning and every night and every time I return from whatever world I find myself in telling me I’m beautiful and that he loves me.

Our world today makes us believe that love between two people should be big and dramatic, worthy of a  movie contract with a happily ever after ending, and anything less, isn’t good enough. But relationships are seldom a made-for-Disney fairy tale. Instead they are like my husband, standing strong and immovable through time despite the hardship or the weather or whatever happens.

That too is compassion.



2 thoughts on “Day Four – 25 days of compassion

    • Thank you so much! Sometimes it’s hard to see in the midst of a relationship … I hope I can keep putting them out for 25 days. I may have set myself a lofty goal! 🙂

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