Day Seven – 25 days of compassion

🙂 I finally caught up, lol. End of week one and so far I haven’t forgotten to post or messed anything up. *fingers crossed* I guess wishing on stars is good for something.

So today has been one of those days … I’m so busy sitting down to write is an invitation to take a nap. (The cats purring beside me aren’t helping the situation.) I worked this morning helping a client decorate her house for Christmas. I climbed up and down a ladder forty-seven times, carried nine thousand boxes of decorations and ornaments, created a tree, hung off the upstairs balcony to arrange enormous bows, used my electronic skills to figure out why the lights weren’t lighting, wrapped wires, hung garlands, set up the crèche, etc etc etc …

Then when I got home we had to drive an hour to return a car we rented for the past weekend and drive back home before my husband had to be at work. All the while knowing I had a phone call to make that I’ve owed someone for over two months, a big work email to respond to, and two blog posts to do not to mention completing work I need to have to my editor this week and it was already 2:00 in the afternoon.

On the way home I was lamenting the fact that I needed to have an act of compassion to blog about for the day and I hadn’t even been out in public to witness anything. My mind was in overdrive sorting through events of the last few days for an idea, but it kept floating back to all the things I needed to get done. I hate being scatterbrained and distracted.

But I needn’t have worried at all because my moment of compassion came in the mail. A Christmas card from a stranger … an online acquaintance. I wasn’t expecting it because I haven’t signed up for any card exchanges this year and I certainly wasn’t expecting anything from this particular person … because we haven’t been on the best of terms over the last few months. We’ve butted heads … Which is hard with someone you’ve only met “online”. It’s hard to find mutual footing to fall back on when a conflict arises. I mean, is it really enough that you both like reading and writing?

So, I saw who the card was from by the return address and was just expecting a generic Happy Holidays and the name inside. But it wasn’t that at all. Instead it was an apology, a peace offering, if you will. It’s not something she had to do. It’s not something I needed her to do … but she did it all the same.

Sometimes compassion isn’t giving someone else what they need or saying what they want to hear or trying to do good. Sometimes compassion is simply making peace with someone else like the note in my Christmas card. Peace has the power to heal and bring hope.

I wish you all peace.


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