Day Nine – 25 days of compassion

Small bits and pieces … a word here and there … a sentence blurbed off in a tweet or message. Those are my compassion moments for the day.

I’ve had several over the past week or so. Even over the past couple of days. Ordinarily I might take them with a grain of salt and move on but I’m really trying to find moments of compassion to highlight, so these things aren’t slipping past me now. I mean, we all have them, we all experience them every day so if we can see them for the beauty they hold, the good they can bring us, it will make life just that much brighter.

One of my moments came during a meeting this week for a volunteer organization. I dislike meetings with strangers but I’ve met a few of the people so it wasn’t too bad. However, I ended up sitting next to someone I didn’t know at all. The meeting went like I expected it would, people arguing pointless things and rattling on about their own needs instead of what was best for the group as a whole.

At one point I leaned over to the woman next to me and expressed a desire to have the water pitchers filled with Mojitos instead of water. I don’t drink much so you can see my level of desperation. She laughed and agreed. After that we continued to talk with each other in little snippets here and there when we could, laughing, smiling. At one point I told her I should probably shut up, because I was beginning to think I was annoying her, and that’s when it happened. She told me not to worry, that I was making the meeting fun to be at.

I’ve been known as the “fun” one at various points in time, mainly because my nervousness and awkwardness at being in public makes me crack jokes. But I’m not normally the “fun” one at meetings like this or in a room of strangers – so her comment made my day, made me smile, made me feel better about the whole experience. I found a moment of compassion in the midst of the mundane. A stranger thought I was fun and we connected.

Another moment came from a conversation on a group chat where I expressed my awkwardness at social settings … again. One of the other members offered me a suggestion for how to cope with it. He didn’t have to, I hadn’t asked for advice … but it was exactly what I needed to hear. Instead of someone else telling me how sorry they were that I felt awkward or telling me to “buck up” and deal with it, he gave me a real life suggestion that I’m going to try. And he told me it was what he does to cope as well.

A moment of connection with another soul on this planet … compassion at its simplest and most profound.


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