Micro-poetry on love

Just wanted to take a break tonight and write something different.

I’ve been doing a bit of micro-poetry writing of late. I hesitate to post them because they are love poems. Not my normal thing.

Anyway, if you like poetry, check these out.


I cried one tear over your message.
One tear, like a one star rating.
If I was honest with you, I would have cried buckets.
A 50 million star rating instead.
But my honesty doesn’t matter now,
And all I want is the one star
That you wished upon.

one day

Two flawed people
Walking two straight lines
Before the end
We’ll bend
And walk a new line


I never wrote love
Poems for my husband.
Passion wasn’t our thing.
I only wrote love
Poems for you.
Forbidden passion
Stirs the soul.



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