I seem to be on a roll with these poems of late. It’s kind of like eating bacon and watching horror – something I binge on and then walk away for awhile. Poetry seems to get under my skin, sometimes like a warm bath and other times like a thorn that won’t go away.

Without You

I never knew
I wanted
A star,
just beyond
my fingers.
A constant in the night sky
pulsing bright against the blackness of my life.

Just a dream
of you
filling the lens,
burning hope into my soul.
Passion I never knew
I needed
but now
I don’t know how to live without.

Black Holes

Night is the hardest
when the stars are out.
the double cluster of Perseus,
the rings around Saturn.
Photographs of my memories
of you.

I don’t even know
what cosmic storm blew us
and scattered us like debris
in the tail of a comet.
Frozen rocks hurled through space
at us.

I keep waiting for you to build
a bridge across the black
You’re the theorist, you dream big.
I’m only an architect with plans.
But maybe we’re supposed to build the bridge


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