Day Fifteen – 25 days of compassion

What better to include in my list of compassion than friends.

Old friends, new friends, good friends, bad friends … okay, so maybe not the last kind but then again … ?

I have lots of old friends … because we’re all getting old now … haha. Honestly, I have friends that I went to preschool with that I still talk to, keep up with. Over half the people in my kindergarten class photo are on my FB friends list. They are my oldest friends. I also have a slew of friends I went to high school with and college.

One of my biggest smiles of the day is scrolling through my FB page and seeing what they’ve all been up to.

The other segment of friends I have are writer friends. They are some of the liveliest, talkative, people I know … at least on social media. Lol. Surprise … they get to write. My life wouldn’t be as rich without them all.

But for my moment of compassion that has lifted me up over the last few weeks, I have to go with a new set of friends … my fellow writers in Nevermore Edits

Every Friday we meet for a session of shredding editing each other’s works. Our process is a little different than most group crits I’ve been in before. But in this case, different is better, in my opinion. It’s lively. We laugh a LOT. We talk a LOT. We make noise. We make progress. If someone is stuck, we talk it out tossing out every idea that comes to mind, bad or good, until someone hits on something that will work. The writing is amazing, the support more than I could have ever hoped for.

But what makes this group different is that thing … THIS thing … compassion. Every single one of them have it in spades and give it freely. Life isn’t a contest to them. No one wins while someone else loses. All ideas are valid. All people matter. Life is important. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Compassion matters because people matter because life is more beautiful than any one of us alone can imagine but that all of us put together can create.


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