Day Seventeen – 25 days of compassion

I know, I’m a couple of days behind here. I was busy. Doing things.

Honestly, I was finishing the end of a horror novella that I needed to send out to my editor and I was stressing over it massively. The climax always does that to me because the action runs so fast through my head I can’t type fast enough. And then there’s the ending … ugh. I hate endings. I suck at endings … in writing and in life. I’d just rather they not happen. At all.

So, with that going on, I haven’t been thinking much about compassion or looking for it as I should be. But I started this series to find small things that make life better every day and that’s what I’ve got so …

In the midst of all my stress this week, and over the last couple of months in dealing with life things, a new friend popped up, sent me a message, offered an ear. He knows I’ve been burned recently but he still offered. He hasn’t invaded my space or been demanding or gone over the line in any way. He’s just been there.

Which is exactly what I needed.

Sometimes just knowing that we aren’t alone in the vastness of space and time is the best gift we can get. Compassion is about finding those little things that matter a lot because those little things are what hold us all together. As my new friend posted on FB this week:

“We all have our demons. Don’t deal with them alone. You may think you’re strong. You may even be right.

But we’re stronger together.” – CJ

Thank you my friend. You are a beautiful person!  🙂


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