day twenty-two – 25 days of compassion

Life can be a bear. A great big grizzly bear, long claws ripping open flesh, teeth fracturing bones, muscles throwing 800 lbs of force into a pounce.

I’ve been there. Seems like a lot lately. Just can’t seem to avoid it or get back up.

I have many many reasons, stories really … life things that I’ve lived through. Horrible things that when I look back I wonder how I’m even still alive; some days I don’t want to be. Days like today … like yesterday …

I try to tell myself I have friends and family who love me, that tomorrow will be better, that others have walked this same road … but staring into the abyss sometimes those things are hard to remember. Even when people tell me “I’m here for you. I’ll listen.” … trust is really hard. The last person I trusted ate me for lunch, spit me out on the fire, and poked me with a stick over and over.

That’s why my compassion thing today is this Project semicolon.

As much as I want to trust others, sometimes it’s safer to go somewhere anonymously. No one to burden. This is one such place.

Compassion is about life; even when life is not so easy to live.


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