Day Twenty-five – 25 days of compassion

Ta da! Ready for the big finale of this series? Ready for explosions and the big climax and a party to end all parties? That’s what happens at the end, right? Introduce the characters, build the plot, throw in some twists and turns, stay steady, keep it all moving forward, and then crescendo into a dramatic cacophony of explosive lights and noise and revelry and emotion with the perfect dénouement to round it all out?

Yeah, in fiction, in movies …

Sorry if you were expecting some brilliant piece of advice or wisdom to sprout forth or expecting some way to smother evil in the world instantly with a mere snap of your fingers.

But this is reality. This is how it works. No explosions. No emotionally driven hard-hitting action scene. No drama. No flashing lights. No major award. Just life. Every day putting one foot in front of the other. Sharing compassion with those around you. Making your world a better place.

Life is hard. Living is the hardest thing we all have to do. The challenge defeats over a million people a year. Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide in this world we live in. The number attempted far exceeds that. Bullying, hatred, loneliness, apathy, terrorism, war, illness, homelessness, unemployment, divorce, pride, abuse … the problems are endless it seems.

Matters can seem hopeless even to people we’d never expect.

Have you ever been one of those people? Do you know one of those people? Odds are, you do.

Compassion is the only answer because it is the only thing that doesn’t operate on the same system of negatives and positives that plague our lives. It doesn’t get caught up in the argument of good and bad, righteous and evil, hope and despair. Life is hard for everyone.

Make it better.



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