100 Bits of Poetry – three and four

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog the last few days. After religiously doing the 25 days of compassion mingled with various poetry posts, completing my novella and getting published, and the holidays all converging at once, I need a bit of a breather. So, instead of writing poetry, I’ve been coloring, taking photographs of the moon, and creating steampunk designs. 🙂

Here’s the moon pic – handheld in my back yard. Love this camera.

DSCN0218 (2)

the moon

Light and dark
Love and control
One day one
One day the other
You make no promises
Yet expectations hold me near
Keep me in orbit
Cling to my heart
Rise and fall
Run and hide
Darkness beckons
Demanding the flow reverse
Love and light


the door

I woke up in the hallway.
A thousand closed doors,
choices not yet made,
love not yet found.

I opened one
and reached through knowing
that you
were on the other side.

A whisper reached my ears
something so faint
I almost missed it
at first.

And then it grew,
thunderous and loud.
A splinter of an idea
slipped into my skin.

It wasn’t a choice,
but I didn’t leave.
I stood in the threshold

A love I couldn’t have.
A choice I couldn’t make.
A hope, a dream
A possibility.

I only shut the door
for a moment
to think, to consider
what was right.

But when I opened it again,
you were gone.
A fragment of a thought
Words left in whispers.

I stand in the hallway
A thousand open doors
Except for the one
I want.



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