Talking about Last Night

Every Friday of the year a little writing group known as Nevermore Edits meets in Tulsa, Oklahoma to raucously discuss writing, banter freely about every subject under the sun and then some, laugh until soda spews from a nose or two, dash dreams of stardom and fame, and basically critique one another’s’ work. Here’s a little peek of us in action. (Starting lft front and going clockwise – Lora, Mac (offscreen), Samantha, Malea, Shannon, Me, CJ, Jaycee (hidden), Adrean, and taking the pic is the illustrious Jack.)

Nevermore edits

It’s fabulous.

It isn’t for the faint of heart. (You can see Jack’s page there on the table with LOTS of notes in the margin.)

Last night, on New Year’s Day, we met for our first round of the year and then afterwards headed out for a bite to eat. We’re supposed to meet from 7 – 9, two little hours … but we keep showing up early and staying late. Last night it was almost midnight before I left and several others were still going strong. The hangout chat lasted until almost 3am and a few of us were back on Twitter by 7:30 this morning. You might think none of us have lives or jobs outside of writing … but we all do. For me, the energy I get from being part of the group is amazing and keeps me going all week long.

I’ve been part of other writing groups before but honestly, even though I got some good feedback on my writing, I usually left frustrated or upset. Not so with this group. Even when they dislike something I’ve written, I leave feeling energized and full of ideas, ready to write more, create more, do more.

And that’s exactly how a creative group should function … for me, for you, for anyone.

So you might be asking what does this group do differently that makes it work where others didn’t? Honestly, there are several things they do different – the critique style is a biggy and is this: Methods of Murder (The link explains it better than I ever could.) Another biggy is that nothing is “off the table”. Any genre is fine. If you want to comment, great … if not, that’s great too. No one has to participate in anything and they are still welcome to be there. And yet, everyone has equal opportunity to participate in everything.

But the biggest thing is the attitude we all come in with. I think CJ summed it up best when he wrote “We all have our demons. Don’t deal with them alone. You may think you’re strong. You may even be right.

But we’re stronger together.”

I encourage you, if you don’t have a group of writers like this one surrounding you, find one and don’t quit searching, visiting groups, trying out different places, until you find one. It may take you some time, but keep at it. The rewards are beyond measure!!




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