26 Things About Me

I saw a post from someone else here Grumpy Old Dude and thought it was a swell idea so I’m stealing it and doing one of my own. Thanks!!

A – age … Old enough to know better and young enough to still crawl home when we’re through – somewhere in my 40’s

B – biggest fear … people who like control over others

C – cats? … absolutely! I have 10 of them.

D – daughter … one, 18 years old

E – every day starts with … milking the goat

F – favorite color … red

G – girlie girl? … No way. Never. Unless I want to be. My choice. Always my choice.

H – hometown … Stillwater, Oklahoma by way of Bartlesville, Oklahoma

I – invisible … my superpower in the middle of a crowd

J – jealous … never, to each their own. People who respect others aren’t jealous.

K – killed someone? … let me count thy ways! I’m a novelist. I write suspense/horror/mystery.

L – last time I cried … Now that would be TMI

M – middle name … Beth, it was my mother’s. Not particularly fond of it.

N – number of states visited … 43

O – one wish … That this year would continue as well as it started, surrounded by friends, full of creative endeavors, with lots of smiles.

P – pen name … oh, I have one for sure

Q – quirk … I always eat my M&M’s two at a time.

R – rant … people who are cruel to others and think they have a right to be

S – simple pleasure … watching the stars

T – time you wake up … It all depends on the day and how my brain is functioning. Usually up around 6:30 but then I go back to bed around 9:00.

U – under estimated … I will listen to you all day long and be polite and maybe even helpful but that does not mean I agree with you or support your position on life.

V – vacation destination … London, UK

W – worst habit … arguing with my husband when he tells me I’m sexy (he made me say that)

X – xrays you’ve had … Uh … okay, broken rib when I was 8, broken ankle when I was 22, MRI of my head and neck when I was 30 something, MRI of my shoulder when I was 40 something

Y – youthful indiscretions … I don’t remember all of it but it involved my boss, a lot of wine, throwing up in an Italian restaurant in London, and waking up in a bathtub the next morning. I’ll let you fill in the details because that way they’ll probably be more scandalous than what really happened (which I don’t remember).

Z – zoos visited … Wow, probably too many to list. Let’s see – OKC, Tulsa, Sedgewick County, Richardson, San Antonio, Denver, Albequerque, Colorado Springs, St. Louis, Regent’s Park, National Zoo, Seattle, Ft. Worth, and probably several others that I’m forgetting at the moment. I kind of like animals … or something …

Up for the challenge? Steal from mine or make up your own! I’d love to read them. 🙂


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