A New Old Creative Endeavor

steampunk parts

I have always been creative and mechanical. My parents still infamously tell stories about when I was a toddler and would unscrew the legs of the dining table with my fingers and make off with the screws. My dad would replace them with a screwdriver, tightening them securely, but it never deterred me. I loved to take things apart and put them together again.

So my latest creative jaunt into steampunk keeps me engaged eternally. I love tinkering with bits and pieces of things and putting them together in an aesthetic way.

Currently I’m working on two different USB flash drives, a robotic fountain pen, a quill, an MP3 player, and a booklight. I feel kind of like a mad scientist with so many projects all floating around in my head but it makes me happy to be so creative and busy. Boredom doesn’t suit me.

My biggest challenge is finding all the pieces I need to cobble together. I’ve been scouring hobby stores and antique malls looking for bits of junk and metals I can use. I’m guessing no one sells bits and parts though because they think everyone wants finished items. Not even the hobby store sells clockwork mechanisms so you can put together your own clock any more. It’s kind of crazy.

When I finish some of my projects, I’ll post pics. I already have a couple of friends drooling in the wings, waiting for me to finish, so I hope they turn out like I want. Wish me luck … because that’s how it works right?


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