Cassiopeia – a poem

I dwell
three steps back
in a shadow
you never see,
without a shield
or weapon,
to taste the nectar
that gathers
on your lips, like dew
caught in a spider’s web
on a crisp fall day,
to wrap the warmth
of your body
in my own, like silk
spun into a cocoon
of protective silence.

I would never
pierce your thoughts
with words, my fangs
sharpened like steel,
saturate your life
with demands, my serum
penetrating like blood,
or ignore your beauty
with curses, my figure
smothering like smoke.

I love you
three steps back
in the shadow
you never see
where I don’t need a shield
or a weapon
beyond the dark
surrounding my soul.

I love you


you never see
beyond the light
into the shadow
three steps back
I dwell.



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