Orion – a poem

Silent and cold
I watched
as Orion
crossed the night,
walking from one
dark sky to the next,
to the agony
tearing through my soul.

I thought
we’d be watching
in each other’s arms,
warmed by our love,
sharing the nebulae
like a heart.

I never dreamed
the stars
could be
so cold,
our hearts
by ice
waiting to shrivel
and die.

Silent and alone
I waited
for Orion
to fade
into the sunrise,
my pain
would vanish
with the light.

I thought
I could lose you,
blind you,
hide you
from my life,
push you away
and never
think of you

I never dreamed
I would pray
for God
to bring you back,
to return you
like a fallen star
I could keep
in my pocket
and cherish forever.

Silent and cold,
I watched
and dreamed
Orion might walk
across the night sky
and bring you


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