The Abyss

I used to watch Highlander (movies and tv show, both) many years ago when I was younger and more antagonistic towards life. In one of the shows the oldest living immortal, named Methos, appears … the Highlander is all hot and bothered by doom and gloom and the end of the world as they know it coming to be  and asks Methos for advice. And Methos answers him by saying “do nothing”. He says that’s his standard answer developed over thousand of years.

When I first saw that show, I was pissed off. How dare he just sit back and do nothing or even advise someone else to do nothing when something clearly “needed” to be done to solve the problem.

But as I’ve grown older, the reality of “doing nothing” is becoming more and more relevant. I’ve even adopted it as my own philosophy now and again. Because some circumstances, no matter how dire, no matter how much I want to jump in and fix them or correct them or change them, just aren’t meant to be fixed. In which case, “doing nothing” is the correct answer.  At other times the situation just needs time to work itself out and again “doing nothing” is the correct response.

Doing nothing, however, is akin to staring out into the abyss sometimes. Like kissing the crack of the earth, hiding in the piss of the back alley, rolling in gutter goo, frequenting the abyss can be a lonely thing. No one wants to join you. No one is going to bring you a picnic lunch or sit with you and chat. No one is going to share your moment of “doing nothing”.

And they may even get annoyed with you for it. Or try to entice you, berate you, cajole you, prod you, poke you, or otherwise get you to move in some way.

Still, the best thing you can do is “do nothing”.

Routinely, lately, I have people who have assumed that my blog writing is about them or for them, that my poems are somehow based on them or speaking to them directly, that I have hidden messages in what I’m writing and putting out there for the world to read. I have tried through my blog and social media to say emphatically that I WRITE FICTION multiple times, but it does no good. Either these people aren’t reading those blogs or they are ignoring them or … I don’t even know. I can only say it so many ways – I WRITE FICTION … really. I don’t know how else to say it.

So, I’m to the point of “do nothing”. Let people believe what they want to believe, think what they want to think, and treat me how they want to treat me based on their own assumptions. Whatever. Really.

I leave you with this poem:


If something I write

touches your soul

fills your heart

pisses you off

grabs your balls

and won’t let go,

then I have done my job

and nothing more.

I’m a writer.



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