40 Things (I want to do before I die)

Today’s list could be called a ‘bucket list’ if you wanted … but that term has been so over-used for something people have been doing since time began. Anyway, here’s mine:

bungy jumping, hang gliding, climb a 14’er, spend one day totally happy, be surprised for my birthday in a way that makes me joyous and happy, feel complete gratitude for the people in my life, have a book on the NYT bestseller list, own a Scottish fold cat, see Machu Pichu, eat some bizarre fruit I’ve never seen before in the Amazon, feel at ease in my own skin, weigh 150 lbs, spend a week reading to cancer patients in the hospital, plant 100 trees, own my own house, have a farm, spend a year traveling the world, have someone fall in love with me, hold a grandchild, go to the moon, ride a snowmobile, take a cruise to Alaska, see the pyramids in Egypt, climb the Great Wall of China, live for a year in London (again), build a writer’s retreat, see a Greenland shark, go to Norway, lie on the beach in Fiji, write a movie script, collaborate on a series of picture books for kids, have someone cook me breakfast every morning, have an artists studio, support myself with my art, travel across country in an RV, ride horses on the beach, star gaze on top of a mountain, learn to speak Gaelic, snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, and live in a castle in Scotland

That ought to keep me busy awhile, don’t you think?

Tomorrow –  40 things that annoy me



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