Steampunk and Other Creative Outlets

Sometimes I don’t spend my days writing or even writing about writing … or playing on my farm with the animals or indulging in my gardening habit. Sometimes I do this:

12729353_10208562626452641_6715639657341940485_n 12742051_10208568851288258_606430732858641417_n

I’ve mentioned my steampunk thing before, I know. But here’s some new creations in the process. The above is a USB drive linked with an old glass radio tube that glows when plugged in to a computer. The octopus, an enduring symbol of steampunk, cthulhu fame, links them together and the eyes glow as well. I love the juxtaposition of old tech, new tech, and something fluid like the octopus sculpture.


This is another creation, simple though it may be. It’s a ball point pen/stylus outfitted with a gear and plumbing parts.

I have a book light, fountain pen, and MP3 player in the works as well.

Everything is functional and I’m having fun working on them. But, I crave something more, something artistic just for arts sake. I really have my heart set on making some steampunk animals – cats, unicorns, a wind-up worm, maybe a turtle and a bat as well, so I’ve been perusing ideas and images on the internet. I’ve found a lot of fascinating things but nothing quite like what I do.

That makes me both nervous and excited. That means what I create won’t be like what anyone else is creating … but it means I have to blaze a trail. I guess it’s a good thing I have lots of experience in blazing things. I guess all artists blaze trails at some point, it’s just my life has centered on blazing trails. I’ve never gone where I was supposed to, done what I was supposed to do, fallen in line like others want me to. And I never know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

The other issue I’m having with it is that I’m not sure how to make some of the parts I need for my creations. Googling it would be great, except, within the plethora of you-tube videos, etc … no one is making what I’m making so finding what I need help with is a crap shoot. In hours and hours of video how-to I might find a few minutes of helpful info 8 min into a 17 min video or 12 min into a 14 min one. It’s frustrating. And yet … the only other option I have is to just sit down and figure it out myself, plug away at putting pieces together until I figure out how to make it work. But I don’t have enough experience with electronics to work out those bits for myself.

People wonder why artistic creations take so long to make and cost so much money … but this is why. For each of my tiny little things I make, it takes hours of prep and hours more of actually doing the manual work.

This is why artists used to have patrons back in the day … there’s no time to work outside the home and complete creative endeavors, too. My life for a rich prince … who cooks breakfast. LOL


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