Why, Love

If love isn’t an emotion

but a drive to connect

one with another

soul to soul,

what is the point

of disconnects?

And what do we do

when we love someone

who doesn’t love us?

How does that work?

Why, Love?

Instead of driving me

to connect eternally

it brings madness

and destruction,

shredding tears from tears

and hopes from dreams.

Why, love? saturating

my world with its

carnal desires

instead of filling

my mouth with sweets

and pushing my ugliness

onto the stage

where it can never be

unseen or unheard?

Why, love? Is it not

so far from hate?

A thread, ribboning

like a sinew of fat

unsupported and swollen

at the mere suggestion

of compromise?

Why, Love? a precursor

to pain, that ephemoral

deity that scars our flesh

and creates the very shield

of strengthened armor

we need to travel



Why, love?


2 thoughts on “Why, Love

  1. Hi Erin! Intriguing poem, very emotional with some strong visuals. It reads like you really poured yourself into the words. Kudos!

    As a Weekend Writing Warriors moderator, though, I do need to ask you to include a link back to our home page, if you intend this poem to be part of our blog hop. That makes it easy for visitors to find our other participants. Thanks for understanding 🙂


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