Weekend Writing Warriors Snippet

My apologies for my late post for Weekend Writing Warriors due to unforeseen circumstances. But I’m here now and without further ado I present an excerpt from THE DEAD WIFE.

“Burnett, must you drag her like she’s a fallen tree? Show some respect.” Frank bent down and cradled the dead woman in his arms. Her body was cold now but not stiff yet. Rigor mortis wouldn’t set in for a while still. Her hair slipped out the top of the blanket, golden and curly, streaked with blood. He tucked it back in gently and pulled the blanket up around her.

Burnett held the horse. “Why you molly coddling her? She’s dead and don’t know her hair’s mussed up.”

A little background since it’s been awhile since I posted lines – Frank and Burnett are Pinkerton Dectectives working out of Chicago in the 1880’s. They’ve just captured (and killed) some bank robbers and are hauling them back to Chicago from West Virginia.


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