I Really Must Say

Your dog smells

and your hair needs washed

and I will never understand

why you need a leather jacket

or insist upon shouting

at the slightest provocation

But …

I really must say

I love your dog

and running my fingers

through your long locks

delights me in ways that it shouldn’t

and your leather jacket

smells of you even when you

aren’t with me

so I wear it

like a blanket

while I’m writing

and I feel




And even when you’re gone

I can hear your raucous laugh

that makes me smile

and adamant insistence

that no one is going to hurt me

ever again as long as you

are with me

and so

I just smile

through the tears

and hold on

to every ounce

of you

good or bad

as if they were the same

and I could love you forever.



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