a friend is a friend



communication’s essence

but my yellow daffodil

is not always the same one

you see

no matter

what I said

add in emotions

like love or fear

and suddenly my daffodil

is no longer a daffodil

but a tulip

or carnation

to please your heart

and calm your nerves

and the more I explain

the yellow petals

and orange stamen

and straight hollow green stem

you can only see

a flower

I can’t put love

in your brain

any more than you can save

my doomed relationships

or give me peace

in the midst of grief

but I can help you find


and you can help me find


just by asking questions


and giving answers

without fear

that I won’t understand

who you are

and want

what’s best for you

despite what I know

is best for me

and that’s all

I ask

in return



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