Update on the Writing Front


So, … this happened the end of last week at our annual state writing conference. Five wins as follows:

1st – Horror Novel

1st – Short Rhymed Poetry (see below to read)

2nd – Horror Short Story

3rd – Sci-fi/Fantasy Short Story (Jack won 1st in this category with the brilliant Xincheng)

3rd – How-to Article

And it wouldn’t have been possible without these amazing people from my critique group Nevermore Edits:


This isn’t everyone in the group. Just the ones who went to conference together (plus my nephew). Left to right: Phil Fry (my nephew), Shannon Iwanski, Mac Boyle, CJ Miles IV, Samantha Free, Jack Burgos, Adrean Messmer, and me. I am so lucky to have these ferociously talented writers as my friends and critique partners. Adrean, Jack, Mac, and Shannon all won awards as well. Way to go guys!! Well deserved all!!

My winning poem


Close the door, take a breath

“Ten – nine – eight”

Sink to the floor

And wait.


Close the door, tell a friend

“Seven – six – five”

Sleep on the words

And cry.


Close the door, tame your heart

“Four – three”

Suck up your pride

And leave.


Open the door, take a peek

“Two – one”

See that he’s gone

And … done.





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