If You Ask a Question

Ask a question

Wasn’t that decisions made because of X, Y, Z?

Get an answer

I’m sorry you’re pissed off about our decision.

Um … become confused

I’m not pissed off. I asked a clarifying question.

Get accused

You must be pissed off because you questioned me and you know I would never do anything bad because I’m your friend.

Step back and take a deep breath


Formulate a reply

Friendship has nothing to do with this. Good friends can have open and honest discussions without agreeing on everything. They can even have arguments and get upset with one another because they respect each other enough to want to hear what they have to say. And if you think I’m pissed off because I asked a question, you’ve missed the entire point of my question.

Receive answer in moments


Scratch head

Scratch head some more

Eat carbs

Write words

Talk to other friends about video games

Go to bed

Lay awake wondering what they hell you ever asked a question for in the first place.

Vow to never ask questions again.



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