The House

One thing my dad always wanted to do was to take the whole family to the beach and rent a big house and just be able to enjoy one another for a few days like we did when we were growing up. So as a memorial to him we’ve rented a house in Port Aransas and the whole family is coming to stay and play on the beach. My sister and I have been working hard to arrange sleeping quarters, meals, and entertainment while we’re there and sent out letters early this week to give everyone the info.
So today I had a message from one of my cousins saying that her husband wasn’t going to make it and to please rearrange beds accordingly. So I did and sent out new messages to people. Then I got another message from a different cousin saying her husband couldn’t make it either. So I rearranged beds again.
Still smiling I made the joke that I was just going to put numbers on the pillows and let everyone draw out a number and that’s where they got to sleep. My cousin immediately reminded me that’s exactly how we slept at our grandmother’s house when we were kids – wherever we found a place to lay down, wedged between other people, sleeping crosswise on the beds, on a pallet under the table …
Grandma’s house was three rooms and a kitchen with a tiny bath tucked in the back corner. It wasn’t big. It wasn’t grand. It wasn’t new. If everyone was there you had to step outside to change your mind. But to us, at that time, it was the best house in the world because it was filled with our family.
The house in Port A will be considerably bigger, grander, more scenic by far … which is what dad wanted – that view of the beach, that private boardwalk, that place like no other. But it will still be filled with family. I just hope the memories we make while we’re there will be worthy of all the others we shared in the tiny house in Temple, OK where we all grew up knowing we were loved and belonged to something bigger than we could ever be alone.

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