Writing in the Void

My writing over the last year and half has consisted of making lists, rewriting those lists, social media posts, and comments on social media posts. Not very inspiring or aspiring. The “void” is very real and fueled by a lack of time, constant interruptions from a loved one with Alzheimer’s, depression, and never-ending grief.

Life has just slipped away from me, somehow. Over time filled with caring for a loved one who no longer knows who I am, raising puppies and goats, building a house, grieving the loss of my dad and life as I knew it for over 20 years before that, the disappearance of family (as happens with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis), crappy neighbors, never enough money, chronic illness with no healthcare, … the list goes on and on. And I guess, by some standards, that is life, too.

But not by mine.

And not by any standard that cares about the soul or emotional well-being.

So, I decided it was time to fill the void. Maybe if I reach out someone will reach back.

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