Central USA

Bio: I'm an author who loves writing with a special fondness for all things historical. My secret love of horror stories is like salt on the edge of a margarita glass. I'm mom to two great kids and whole host of farmyard animals including goats, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, and ducks. My left over childhood passion for turtles is now contained in a backyard enclosure that houses a few box turtles who routinely breed and lay eggs. The whole lot of them provide us with endless hours of both work and fascinating views on the life of all things wild. I enjoy gardening and reading ... and writing, of course. And sometimes I even cook. I have been damned because of my recipes for chicken chili and buffalo wing mac-n-cheese. My American lineage is long and proud, having come to the states more than a hundred years before the revolutionary war and then added to by the fiercely stubborn Scots. They are a rag-bag of well-educated, dirt farming, newspaper publishing, horse breeding, teachers, scientists, engineers, and writers. And everyone of them made me what I am today.

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