The Dinner Guest – bk 1

This multi-award winning short story sets the stage for the gothic horror story OF NOBLE BLOOD. Reviewers have called this the horror version of Downton Abbey. Set in Cornwall in 1868 over a long Christmas holiday, evil stalks Hallow Manor and all the inhabitants.

The Blessed Servant – bk 2

Book 2 is a set of short stories adding to The Dinner Guest, all told from the POV of the servants of the Manor.

The Lord is My Keeper – bk 3

Book 3 continues the tale in three short stories from the POV of the noble family.

The Baron’s Curse – bk 4

Book 4 is two stories that delve into the mind of the Baron and the curse on the Manor.

The full length novella OF NOBLE BLOOD is now available here: Of Noble Blood