When life doesn’t suck …

When life doesn't suck any more, I hope to be back. I hope to write and dream and find a place for my art where it can rest for all eternity safe from the eyes of anyone who might wish me harmed by words or thoughts or deeds. I hope to be again when life … Continue reading When life doesn’t suck …


If I pretend to be Another person entirely Does it count that we had a conversation? You know it's me Or you should, see, Not that I made a decree for the universe. I just wish that we didn't have to pretend to be something other than who we were meant to be.


Words Conversation started so slow and built over time til a continuous flow filled my dreams smothered my thoughts ended all in a horrible row tears and fears and the desire for more the knowledge of love a soul at its core I needed and wanted too much to see the rip that I tore … Continue reading Rhythm


I coughed, I choked And set down my tea He followed me back Could it really be? Do I believe my eyes? Do I dare to hope? After months without What's the scope? My stomach is a-flutter My heart jumped a mile Could something so small Really cause this smile? #badsappypoetry