The Monster Within

I'm not sure if everyone has a monster living inside them. I assume so simply because mine is so grievous, I suppose. Sometimes I think people view monsters as things that happen to them, rather than being a part of themselves. But, for me, I've never assumed that the monsters acted upon me but rather … Continue reading The Monster Within


And This, Too, Is Life – Hour ONE

6:15 - get up, fall down the stairs amid 2 large dogs, coax them to sliding glass door which refuses to open because you're too tired to remember the safety lock 6:20 - after multiple curse words that the dogs now know well send them out "to go potty", one dog obeys although it is … Continue reading And This, Too, Is Life – Hour ONE


words they come in spurts and spurtles dribbling a gaseous odor attempting to cajole and cater and cavort with a world outside the bubble an economy imposed by grief

The Older I Get

The older I get the far less tolerance I find I have for many things in this world. Actually, that's not quite true. Things are okay. Things don't bother me. People bother me. People with attitudes bother me. People who can't drive bother me. People who are rude bother me. Narcissistic people bother me most … Continue reading The Older I Get