hide and seek

love comes

when words hide

where devils dance

with shadows

and shrugs

painted on

to fool the world,

but not you.

you, I love.


better stories

when we were kids

we yelled “Do over”

and started again.

but do over’s

don’t work

with broken hearts

and misunderstandings.

forgiveness tells

a better story.


It slipped through my fingers,

a unicorn’s tears

glowing with rainbows

and dreams

too good to be true.

It slipped through my hands,

the hug of a ghost

clinging with stardust

and fairy tales

too amazing to be real.

It slipped through my mind

the memory of love

dancing with joy

and sorrow

too deep for words.

It slipped through my day

the balance of despair

weeping with agony

and sadness

too great to tell.

It slipped through my heart

the memory of you

smiling with pleasure

and happiness

too sad to remember.

The Milky Way

I used to believe

whispers were only a sound

shared between friends

and lovers

those precious words

clinging to a breath

transported by a wish

until I fell in love

with you.

Now I know

whispers look like the Milky Way

dusting the blackest of nights

with hope

for a different tomorrow

sprinkles of fog

transporting star dust

into my heart

from yours.


40 Things (I want to do before I die)

Today’s list could be called a ‘bucket list’ if you wanted … but that term has been so over-used for something people have been doing since time began. Anyway, here’s mine:

bungy jumping, hang gliding, climb a 14’er, spend one day totally happy, be surprised for my birthday in a way that makes me joyous and happy, feel complete gratitude for the people in my life, have a book on the NYT bestseller list, own a Scottish fold cat, see Machu Pichu, eat some bizarre fruit I’ve never seen before in the Amazon, feel at ease in my own skin, weigh 150 lbs, spend a week reading to cancer patients in the hospital, plant 100 trees, own my own house, have a farm, spend a year traveling the world, have someone fall in love with me, hold a grandchild, go to the moon, ride a snowmobile, take a cruise to Alaska, see the pyramids in Egypt, climb the Great Wall of China, live for a year in London (again), build a writer’s retreat, see a Greenland shark, go to Norway, lie on the beach in Fiji, write a movie script, collaborate on a series of picture books for kids, have someone cook me breakfast every morning, have an artists studio, support myself with my art, travel across country in an RV, ride horses on the beach, star gaze on top of a mountain, learn to speak Gaelic, snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, and live in a castle in Scotland

That ought to keep me busy awhile, don’t you think?

Tomorrow –  40 things that annoy me


40 Things

I’m not religious in any way … spiritual, sure … but not religious. I don’t follow doctrine or religious mandates like giving something up for Lent or fasting on certain days. But, I read an article today about 40 things to give up for Lent and it inspired me to do a blog series – 40 Things …

The first is this: 40 things I’d change if i could

(in no particular order)

the smell of cat poop, snoring, the bad stuff in cigarette smoke, toddler tantrums, boring movies, raging teens, toothaches, feeling worthless, disappointment, allergens, rap music, alzheimers, hate, self-pity, financial inequality, earthquakes, lightning, mice, tv dinners, car wrecks, cancer, Disney World, religion, sarcasm, inside jokes, men, women, humans, ceiling fans, blogs, the price of movie theater popcorn, highway signs, birthday cake, negativity, smiles, frowns, telepathy, karma, endings, and death

Some of those should be self-explanatory but if you’d like clarification, just leave me a note and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Tomorrow – 40 things I want to do before I die


Planetary Alignment

We walked the line

an arc between worlds

from the heat of the sun

birthing our journey

to the cloud covered heavens,

we held hands

excited by the possibilities

until the desert sand scarred us

and left us parched and withered.

We drifted apart

until the collision

ignited the gaseous clouds

spinning us in the orbit of rings

where we bound ourselves

our wounds now distant visions

upon our flesh

and we fell back in line

once more.


If I tell you I’m lost

Will you find me again?

Will you wrap me

In the depths of your soul

And explain one more time

How you love me?

Can you count thy ways?

Tick them off one by one

Like a trail of breadcrumbs

For me to follow

And find my way?

Because …

I’m lost.